Tree Removal & Tree Service Testimonials

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Friendly Workers with Remarkable Work Ethic

Cecil’s crew did a magnificent job of removing 3 large pine trees from my yard. The professionalism and courtesy of the men is a testimony of the great service that BDC provides. Reasonable prices, friendly workers with remarkable work ethic … good reasons to hire BDC. I highly recommend this company.

Ginny Bridges

Wonderful Experience!!!

Wonderful experience!!! Cecil and his crew were awesome workers, they arrived on time, and finished 11 trees with expert skill. Very courteous and did not disturb our neighbors. Our yard was left very clean after job completion. We had 3 raised garden beds right where the debris was put and they did not disturb one plant because of their accuracy in handling loader. I would recommend BDC Tree Service to anyone at anytime.

Angela McCorvey

They Did a Great Job

We had BDC TREE SERVICE come and remove 6 trees. They did a great job. Very professional and courteous. This is the 2nd time we have used them. We would recommend BDC anytime.

Jon & Debbie Adams

We Were Very Satisfied And Will Have Them Back As Required

Cecil and his crew did a really good job on our trees. Did more than he promised and charged less than he quoted. We were very satisfied and will have them back as required.

Ed and Nancy Crump

They Did A Great Clean Up Job

Cecil Zito and his crew provided excellent service! We had 5 trees cut down. The crew was dependable, very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They did a great clean up job. We would highly recommend this service and would definitely use them again.

Robert & Sarah Fuller

I Highly Recommend BDC Tree Removal To Anyone You Will Not Be Disappointed

I was well pleased with the service Mr. Zito and his crew provided. I had a large tree bordering 4 separate properties with access to the tree being a major problem. Mr. Zito assisted me in contacting the owners of multiple properties to gain access to the tree. The crew of BDC arrived promptly and worked diligently acting in a professional and courteous manner. I highly recommend BDC tree removal to anyone you will not be disappointed.

Stephen Lincecum

The Crew Fascinated My 83 Year Old Father With The Efficiency Of Their Work

I contacted Mr. Zito to have a large tree removed from my parent’s property. It was quite evident to us that the tree was in poor condition and we worried constantly as to if one day it would fall on my parent’s home. When Mr. Zito showed up to give an estimate, he pointed out to me that the tree next to the one in question was in poor shape, if not even worse. The plan became apparent that both trees would need to be removed. Two days before the crew arrived we experienced a strong wind and a third of the second tree fell crossing a state highway. Goes to show that the man really knows what he is talking about. Estimate came in lower than two other companies. The crew fascinated my 83 year old father with the efficiency of their work. He spent the morning watching them from his bedroom window and told many stories of what he saw. Thanks guys!

Rhonda Kay

Highly Recommended Tree Removal Company

BDC tree service took down a large pecan that was threatening to fall on my house. They took it down efficiently, quickly and left no mess. Cecile was professional and courteous, as was his staff. Sometimes it is hard to find someone who will do a good and thorough job and I was extremely pleased that BDC is one of those businesses. Highly recommended.

Andrea W

I Would Recommend Them To Anyone Who Needs Tree Work Done

BDC Tree Service did an amazing job on removing a huge pecan tree. The tree was in the back corner of my fenced in yard and they were able to remove the entire tree without damaging the fences or even the bush I had planted underneath it. Cecil was very prompt in all communication and he and his crew did an expert job. Very professional and it was exciting to watch the removal. I would recommend them to anyone who needs tree work done.

Melissa Guy

Watching This Team At Work Is Entertainment Worth The Cost

An excellent crew that delivers on schedule. Watching this team at work is entertainment worth the cost. Highly recommended!
The Woodman.


Hard Work And Professionalism

BDC did a great job removing a fallen tree on my property. I appreciated Cecil and his crew’s hard work and professionalism very much. I highly recommend them.


Great Guys – Very Professional and Reasonable

BDC did a great job. It was a big tree on a slope. Took fence down and put it back up again. Cleaned up everything in yard and hauled it away. Great guys. Very professional. Reasonable. Highly recommend them.

Betty Quantrille

The Crew Was Very Courteous And Professional

I have a property that was hit by an E-1 tornado which downed or damaged 24 extremely large oak and pine trees over a 1 acre lot. Trees were on cars, buildings, house, and fences. BDC Tree Service was contacted late in the evening and had a crew at my property the very next morning at 7:30a and removed the trees within two days. The crew was very courteous and professional, constantly working and very skilled at cutting and removing the debris. I highly recommend this company and will certainly use them for my future needs.

Jerri Hamlin

A Very Good Job Done For Me

Nice, knowledgeable and efficient. A very good job done for me.

Kirk Hayes

Quick, Professional, And Affordable Job

Wow! Cecil, you and your guys showed up promptly and did a quick, professional, and affordable job of taking down our huge oak. You even picked up every last limb. Great job! We will recommend BDC to all our friends.

Bill and Brenda Ellington

Would Definitely Hire For Any Future Tree Needs

Cecil and his crew came out quickly and were reasonably priced. I had four trees cut down with two being very large and between our home and sheds. They had no problems with doing the job. Before they left they cleaned up everything and the yard looked great. Was very impressed with their work, as well as, their work ethic. Would definitely hire for any future tree needs.

Donna Smith

Excellent Polite And Professional

Cecil and his crew are excellent polite and professional. I highly recommend them WITHOUT any hesitation. LOOK NO FURTHER!! Thank you guys and my appreciation for your service.

Sanat Sanghani MD.

Thank You Cecil And Your Entire Work Crew For A Job Well Done

Just a few words about BDC Tree Service. I was looking in the telephone book and there are so many Tree Services to choose from. . . .I have had some experience with tree removal and know the cost for this type service can be costly. I always want to get the best service for my $ and like to have someone do the work that I know has done a good job for someone else. I called around and BDC Tree Service name and telephone number was given. I called 318-419-3076 and the owner, Cecil Zito, answered, he was in Alexandria at the time. Upon talking to Cecil he let me know up front that he is not the cheapest in Town. I appreciated him being honest and up front with me. For me I was not looking for the cheapest but was looking for someone to do quality work at a fair price. He met with me within 20 minutes to walk the 3 acre property of which had several mobile homes and told me what he recommended. After talking to him, I felt confident that he was knowledgeable in his field of expertise and had the equipment and work team to do the job that needed to be done. For the work that needed to be done the electric lines would need to be dropped. . . . safety first. While there he called Cleco to let them know that he would need their service to begin first thing Monday morning. Talk about fast service. . .this is what I call fast service. He knew that there were trees on the property that needed to come down. . . if not and a strong wind or storm would come through the damage could be monumental and would be much more costly than what I would be paying him and his work team for their service.

To make a long story short, BDC Tree Service removed 10 trees from the property. He and his team worked hard for 3 days and did not leave the job site to go to another job (which some do). He and his crew was very polite, respectful, and above all professional in doing their work. Some on lookers were in AWE of how the limbs were cut to fall at the base of the tree, how the tops were removed, and the trees were cut down. Last but not least is how clean they left the job site each day. All debris was removed and loose leaves were raked and picked up. It was an amazing work to see. If you are looking for someone to perform Tree Service for you, I strongly recommend giving Cecil Zito a call, he will not let you down. He will give you a professional job at a fair price. THANK YOU CECIL AND YOUR ENTIRE WORK CREW FOR A JOB WELL DONE

One last thing, when considering the price, keep in mind the cost of the equipment, the cost of insurance, the cost of quality labor, the cost of training, the experience. . . .these are just a few of the costs Cecil bears when doing any one job. Like the saying goes “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”.

Penny Maddox Tyler

I Highly Recommend Your Company

I just wanted to leave a comment about the work performed on my 8 trees. None of these trees had been thinned in the twenty plus years that I have resided at my home, so the trees had become heavy and overgrown with limbs. The service was done professionally and courteously. I submitted some “before” and “after” photos for the company to use in their advertising. I was impressed with the results and upon completion of the job, all of the woody material was not only scooped up by equipment but was also raked by hand. I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a professional tree trimming service.

David Straub

He Gives An Honest Assessment

Having done business with BDC Tree Service last year, ( had to have a maple tree removed), we used their services again this summer to have a large oak tree trimmed and fertilized. We like our trees healthy and appreciate Mr. Cecil and his crew helping us to do just that. He gives an honest assessment and they all do great work. The crew take extra care with the area involved and everything is cleaned up at the end of the job. We highly recommend them.

Rhonda V. Farris

We Will Gladly Recommend These People

Thank you Cecil and his crew. They took down two trees for us and we are extremely happy with all of the guys…. they were very professional,& friendly. they did their work in a timely manner, and cleaned and raked everything. It was just like they weren’t here… We will gladly recommend these people to everybody that asks… thank you again.

Guy & kathy Gawthrop

The Crew Was Skilled, Cleaned Up So Well

Recently had 5 trees removed from my backyard with a huge crane, lifting them over my house. I was so impressed and pleased with the great services of Cecil and his crew. They were professional; I was convinced I made the right choice to select the BDC company. The crew was skilled, cleaned up so well and these workers thanked me for selecting their company for the job. I have nothing but praise for services rendered. I regret it was on a school day which prevented the neighborhood kids from this great experience.

Melba Valentine

Will Definitely Keep And Use Them For Future Needs

I have to say I’m totally pleased with the work Cecil and his men did on my oak trees. I had a total of eight trees they trimmed out, three in the front two in back and and three on side of house. I don’t think these trees had ever been trimmed out so you can imagine the massive amount of limbs that ended up all over the place. They also removed a diseased pecan tree in the front yard. When they left you couldn’t tell they were ever here. The yards were clean and raked, and I now have beautiful oak trees I can enjoy. They were so professional, friendly and knowledgeable . If you want quality work at a reasonable price I would recommend this service. Will definitely keep and use them for future needs.

Patricia Power

I Would Recommend This Company To Anyone Who Need Tree Removal Or Tree Care

BDC Tree Service took out about 10 trees in our back yard and were able to get all of them out without taking our fence down or driving into the back yard. The workers were very professional and completed the job quickly and did a great cleanup. I recommended Cecil and his company to the owner of the company I work for and they did another great job at the office. I would recommend this company to anyone who need tree removal or tree care.


Extremely Responsive And Professional

I recently hired Cecil and his crew to take out a very large red oak that had been hit by lightning. I had used them before for tree trimming work and had been pleased. Once again everyone involved was extremely responsive and professional.

I highly recommend BDC Tree Services to anyone interested in safe, effective, courteous and cost-effective results. Cecil Zito and his BDC team continue to earn my trust. Christy Frederic, Pineville

Christy Frederic

Price Was Extremely Fair For The Job

Cecil and the crew at BDC did a fantastic job for me here in Pineville. I had 5 trees taken out of my yard. They had all the correct equipment and were all very professional. They cleaned up really well at the end. I felt the price was extremely fair for the job and I will recommend them to anyone needing tree service.

Laura Leatherman Swantner

I Would Recommend BDC To Anyone

I called BDC on Friday, Cecil came out Monday and gave me an estimate, the tree was down and all debris gone by 4:40. This tree was in a precarious place and had to be taken down by climbing to the top and cutting it in increments.

Cecil and his crew are professional, courteous and know what they’re doing. I would recommend BDC to anyone who needs tree services.

Stephanie Stanton

Timely Manner And Did An Excellent Job

My son had 2 big pine trees that were dead because of beetles. They were close to the road and we were worried that they may fall in the road and cause an accident or fall on his home. Cecil and his crew came in a timely manner and did an excellent job. They cleaned up so well you would of never known 2 big trees had been cut. I would highly recommend them!

Debbie Fuglaar

I Would Use Them Again Without Hesitation

We just had BDC remove a huge fallen live tree from one of our houses on Cane River in a very tight work area without any further damage to our property. They completely removed the tree in less than a half day. I thought it would take them at least two days. I would use them again without hesitation.

J B & M Enterprises

Always Professional And Courteous!

My husband and I are proud to give a glowing recommendation to Cecil Zeto / BDC Tree Service! We had a monster tree fall over our 24 x 24 foot mother-in-law apartment behind our house — it fell in such a way that it totally enveloped the building and we had no hope that the building could be saved….. until the BDC crew went to work! We have had lots of tree work done over the years but I must say I have never seen a crew work as knowledgeably and efficiently as the BDC crew did. They managed to do a mind-boggling project in approximately six hours ( my husband and I were sure it would take at least 2-3 days) and our yard was left raked and totally free of debris! Cecil and his crew were always professional and courteous! Just WOW!! We are SO IMPRESSED! Thank you BDC Tree Service — should the need ever arise again you will be our company!

Sheila O'Con

BDC Tree Service Showed Up

BDC Tree Service was engaged top remove a large pecan tree that had fallen damaging my and my neighbor’s property. The fallen tree was difficult to access requiring the removal of three smaller trees to access and heavy lifting equipment to remove. BDC Tree Service showed up when promised and removed the tree in professional and knowledgeable manner.

Todd W.

I Was Impress & Thankful!

I had a tree in a difficult spot that needed to come down. These guys got in there and removed the tree without damaging the structure or fences that closely surrounded it. I was impressed – and thankful.

Joy C.

Used Many Times & Never Disappointed

Great people, good work and clean up. I have used them many times and never disappointed.

Beth S.

Long Term Client – Very Pleased with their Tree Work

They are working on my 5th job by them in about 7 or so years, so obviously I am very pleased with them.

Bill H.

Great to Work With! Reliable Tree Company

Safe reliable. Great people to work with

Scott L.

Completed the Work in a Timely Fashion.

Careful of our property and completed the work in a timely fashion. I will be calling them when I need tree removal again.

Rosemary S.

They Knew What They Were Doing

Tree and all debris was removed in a timely manner. A crane had to be used to carry the tree over my house. Very apprehensive at first but they knew what they were doing Mats were laid down in my front yard so the crane would not tear up my front yard. Would use them again.

Barbara W.

Incredibly Experienced Tree Crew

They have an incredibly experienced tree crew. Work was done in a timely manner with all crew members doing their part. Before I knew they were done the tree was gone and all debris cleaned up. A great experience to see the tree gone in one day. I have had a bad experience with a different company that took weeks to finish the job.

Ashton P.

Professional & Talented

The professional and talented employees were quick, safe and premier cleanup to complete the job

Walter E.

Reasonably Priced and Quick to Respond

As a full time Realtor I highly recommend BDC Tree Service. Cecil has always been very reasonably priced, quick to respond to my calls and mostly He is fully insured while other Companies in Town lack.

Amy B.

They are Professional

I was very satisfied with their professionalism.

Raymond S.

They Showed Up Fast – Very Pleased with BDC’s Work

BDC came very quickly after a tornado that hit my neighborhood last October. I was surprised at how fast they showed up. They were very good and really gave me peace of mind about my car that was trapped under a crushed structure. They got my car out from under the carport without much damage. They cleaned and inspected my roof and cleaned up the debris and raked my front yard. I was very pleased with the job. I recommend them.

Linda T.

Great Service from BDC Tree Service

Great service. Will recommend to others.

Curtis R.