The Crew Fascinated My 83 Year Old Father With The Efficiency Of Their Work

I contacted Mr. Zito to have a large tree removed from my parent’s property. It was quite evident to us that the tree was in poor condition and we worried constantly as to if one day it would fall on my parent’s home. When Mr. Zito showed up to give an estimate, he pointed out to me that the tree next to the one in question was in poor shape, if not even worse. The plan became apparent that both trees would need to be removed. Two days before the crew arrived we experienced a strong wind and a third of the second tree fell crossing a state highway. Goes to show that the man really knows what he is talking about. Estimate came in lower than two other companies. The crew fascinated my 83 year old father with the efficiency of their work. He spent the morning watching them from his bedroom window and told many stories of what he saw. Thanks guys!

Rhonda Kay