Thank You Cecil And Your Entire Work Crew For A Job Well Done

Just a few words about BDC Tree Service. I was looking in the telephone book and there are so many Tree Services to choose from. . . .I have had some experience with tree removal and know the cost for this type service can be costly. I always want to get the best service for my $ and like to have someone do the work that I know has done a good job for someone else. I called around and BDC Tree Service name and telephone number was given. I called 318-419-3076 and the owner, Cecil Zito, answered, he was in Alexandria at the time. Upon talking to Cecil he let me know up front that he is not the cheapest in Town. I appreciated him being honest and up front with me. For me I was not looking for the cheapest but was looking for someone to do quality work at a fair price. He met with me within 20 minutes to walk the 3 acre property of which had several mobile homes and told me what he recommended. After talking to him, I felt confident that he was knowledgeable in his field of expertise and had the equipment and work team to do the job that needed to be done. For the work that needed to be done the electric lines would need to be dropped. . . . safety first. While there he called Cleco to let them know that he would need their service to begin first thing Monday morning. Talk about fast service. . .this is what I call fast service. He knew that there were trees on the property that needed to come down. . . if not and a strong wind or storm would come through the damage could be monumental and would be much more costly than what I would be paying him and his work team for their service.

To make a long story short, BDC Tree Service removed 10 trees from the property. He and his team worked hard for 3 days and did not leave the job site to go to another job (which some do). He and his crew was very polite, respectful, and above all professional in doing their work. Some on lookers were in AWE of how the limbs were cut to fall at the base of the tree, how the tops were removed, and the trees were cut down. Last but not least is how clean they left the job site each day. All debris was removed and loose leaves were raked and picked up. It was an amazing work to see. If you are looking for someone to perform Tree Service for you, I strongly recommend giving Cecil Zito a call, he will not let you down. He will give you a professional job at a fair price. THANK YOU CECIL AND YOUR ENTIRE WORK CREW FOR A JOB WELL DONE

One last thing, when considering the price, keep in mind the cost of the equipment, the cost of insurance, the cost of quality labor, the cost of training, the experience. . . .these are just a few of the costs Cecil bears when doing any one job. Like the saying goes “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”.

Penny Maddox Tyler