Always Professional And Courteous!

My husband and I are proud to give a glowing recommendation to Cecil Zeto / BDC Tree Service! We had a monster tree fall over our 24 x 24 foot mother-in-law apartment behind our house — it fell in such a way that it totally enveloped the building and we had no hope that the building could be saved….. until the BDC crew went to work! We have had lots of tree work done over the years but I must say I have never seen a crew work as knowledgeably and efficiently as the BDC crew did. They managed to do a mind-boggling project in approximately six hours ( my husband and I were sure it would take at least 2-3 days) and our yard was left raked and totally free of debris! Cecil and his crew were always professional and courteous! Just WOW!! We are SO IMPRESSED! Thank you BDC Tree Service — should the need ever arise again you will be our company!

Sheila O'Con